One of the best B2B Customer Support Software and fantastic Customer Service. For a fraction of the price!

2000+ happy customers, top investors, and the fastest growth rate in the segment tell us we’re right. Passion and efficiency make it possible.

Developed for complex support operations.
But you can start simple

Movidesk was designed with complex operations in mind, such as software and IT services companies.
But it comes pre-configured, so you can start simple and explore new features as you go.

Our Customer Support Software

From omnichannel, automation, metrics and powerful customization to time & expense management. All the cool stuff you need and your customers will love. And then some. Check it out:

  • Omnichannel

  • Collaboration

  • Dashboards

  • SLAs

  • Workflow & Automation

  • Knowledge Base

  • Satisfaction Surveys

  • Kanban

  • Time & Expenses Management

  • Customization

  • Mobile

  • Reporting

Pricing… (No, you are not dreaming!)

All inclusive. One of the best products in the market.
Fantastic customer support. Half the price or less.
(We know, there are still people who think it’s impossible…)

Team size:FROM 1 TO 5 AGENTS


package for up to
5 agents / month

Team size:FROM 6 TO 10 AGENTS


per agent / month

Team size:FROM 11 TO 25 AGENTS


per agent / month

Team size:26 OR MORE AGENTS


per agent / month

PRICE $$ $$$$$ $$$$$
  • Compare us to our competitors, add up what the charge you to get everything you get in Movidesk, and you won’t believe how much you will save and still have one of the best tools in the market!
  • All included (yep, all those tools, support…)
  • No monthly price penalty to push you to yearly subscriptions. Pay as you go!
  • No hidden fees.
  • No forecasting seats, no guesswork. Pay per agent used.
  • Taskforce days? Just pay for the days you actually used. No need to worry about day passes.

2,000+ Active Customers

Fortune 500 corporations and startups. Companies from numerous industries, as well as IT and HR departments – all are enjoying this powerful and flexible tool at the best price in the market. And with 95% overall customer satisfaction!

“We can understand exactly where we are with our services, analyzing metrics we had never had before, such as average reply time and first contact resolution. Now we know exactly what happened and this is fantastic for our process”.
Leandro Menezes
Regional Process Manager
Hamburg Süd

Customer Support & Customer Success

Live customer support and customer success. US-based teams. Extensive, always up-to-date knowledge base. 95% customer satisfaction. All at no extra cost!

Customer support and proactive customer success done by knowledgeable and friendly people, who understand your business and are always here to help.

Your support companions are right here in the US to help make communication effortless.

We are here for you! Count on us!

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Our Services

An extra hand when you need it... or when you could use help aligning R&D, CS, and other departments to improve customer support and business agility!

Use the help of our onboarding specialists to get your new tool up and running in no time.

Use our world-class organizational consultants to help your company rapidly identify and address issues that are preventing your company from providing top-notch support to your customers – issues not only in customer support, but also in sales, services, R&D, knowledge management, and partnerships.

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Our product and supporting materials will lead you to market best practices and an easy onboarding (But should you need an extra hand, we are here to help!).
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Yes, we do want you to switch to our customer support application! And if you check us out, we believe you will.

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