Why was Movidesk created?
How is it growing so fast?

Our beginning

The problem

Like most successful companies, Movidesk was created to solve a problem: software and IT services companies in B2B environments were having to deal with home-grown and outdated tools, or buying customer support applications that were B2C biased, did not address key needs of their businesses, and were too expensive.

The solution

Build and distribute a new product with all the niceties of the leading products in the market. Include all the features important to software, IT service, and other B2B industries. Use top technology and focus on efficiency and pass on savings, selling the product for a fraction of the current market prices.

The journey

A clear goal and 20+ years of experience developing customer support applications and helping software and IT companies of all sizes implement and customize them. With that, Movidesk’s team chose Boston, MA, for their headquarters, while seizing the opportunity to use the highly trained and creative workforce from the city of Blumenau. Birthplace of Brazil’s software industry (country that produced eleven unicorns in the last three years), this city also holds the second-largest Oktoberfest in the world! There Movidesk established its first development center, minimizing the challenge presented by Massachusetts’ highly competitive labor market.

After years of product development, Movidesk’s customer support product was launched in 2017 in limited release for refinements, already packed with differentiating features.

Three years later, we have two-hundred people involved, millions from top investors, 1,600+ happy customers, and the world’s fastest growth rate among the main players in the market, telling us we were right: Movidesk could provide one of the best solutions in the market for a fraction of the price!

Investors and partners

Movidesk is backed by five solid investment firms. We know we could not have done so much, in such a short time, without the help of our investors and partners – in particular:

Redpoint has helped Movidesk with the oomph required for such a huge product development effort and fast growth.

AWS has provided Movidesk with the required infrastructure, services security, and performance our customers need.

Our (great) culture is a big part of it

We celebrate every achievement. We sound horns, clap hands, cheer and, sometimes at
month ends, dance to Taylor Swift. For us, it’s okay to break the mold.

The secret formula for our happiness? We don’t want to be just another company.

Above all, we want to make a difference.

  • Amazing team

    We exceed our customers’ expectations only because we have people around us who exceed our own expectations every day. At Movidesk, teamwork is not just a buzzword, it’s what moves us.

  • We always go the extra mile

    We don’t have an innovation department. After all, the whole company is always innovating! We work together to deliver what our customers deserve: a product and services that never stop improving.

  • Awesome culture

    Our culture is what ensures everyone throughout our company is aligned and knows how to reach our objectives. And when we do reach them, we are acknowledged and celebrate. We don’t stop because of bad days.

  • Customers first

    A company that breaths customer service must put its customers first, right? Every department at Movidesk has the mission of promoting incredible experiences to our customers, every time. We listen and value every opinion and treat our customers the way they deserve: as superstars!

Our core values don’t just hang on walls

We don’t hang framed cliché phrases on walls. We have people
who exercise our values every day!

  • Data driven

    Our decisions and actions are guided by data, not by intuition or personal experiences. That is why we are transparent with numbers.

  • Customers first

    For our customers, who we affectionately call Movilovers, we go above and beyond!

  • We are better together

    People are more important than processes and policies. We are all connected, and together we can do much more.

  • Passion for results

    All achievements should be celebrated with enthusiasm! We have a passion for results, are committed to our teams and to our customers, and work through any challenge we may face.

  • Ownership

    Our voice is always heard, so we understand our responsibilities and work to get the results we want.

  • Search for the new

    Movidesk is constantly searching for new advantages and solutions for our customers’ day-to-day. Here, routines are not our masters. We have a lot to teach, but we never forget to learn.

All are welcxme

Over half of Movidesk’s team is comprised of women. They program, lead, and are who they want to be. Actually, everyone is free to be who they want to be at Movidesk! We are a prejudice- free environment and value diversity.
We have among ourselves people from different backgrounds, cultures, and professional experiences acting together. This enables Movidesk to have several points of view on any subject and take all of them into consideration to deliver the best possible solutions to our customers.

Our objective has never been just to build a great service desk software. More than that, we want to deliver an incredible experience to our customers along all the way.

We are ready to make a difference in your company.