Mercado Libre + Movidesk: how we overhauled customer support at the largest Latin American marketplace

Mercado Libre + Movidesk: how we overhauled customer support at the largest Latin American marketplace

After 20 years of experience, Mercado Libre has become the largest marketplace in Latin America, with presence in 18 countries, 6,000 searches, and 9 sales per second. The company has over 2,200 employees, 80 of which work in the Classified Ads department. In Brazil, is the fifth most visited website, with 52 million visitors a month.  

As the Classified Ads department grew to 8,000 customers serviced by 50 sales representatives, the company felt the need for a system that would help the department offer good quality services. The search for such tool bore fruits and the partnership established with Movidesk has radically improved the department’s customer services since 2018. It’s the story of this collaboration that Tania Natali Costa, support coordinator of the department, tells us! 


Tania started working in the support center of Mercado Livre’s department of Classified Ads five years after the company entered the market. Tania tells that at the time, when she oversaw System Errors, responding to demands from the sales reps by phone, email or in person, was simple. However, as the company grew, Tania realized that a process that centralized all customer requests was required. “As the team grew, the demands also increased. It became harder and harder to manage all the demands we were receiving, so we concluded we had to centralize everything”, she says.

Thus, the company adopted an online form, through which every ticket should be opened. As other areas within Classified Ads noticed the agility of this new method, they adopted the same tool. However, as the business kept growing, they realized the system could no longer handle all of their needs. 

"We used to set OLAs for each online form but forwarding tickets to other areas was difficult. If a sales rep opened a ticket using the System Errors form when it actually had to do with onboarding a customer, I had no way to forward the ticket to the right team. He would have to open a new ticket using the right form”, explains Tania, stressing rework as one of the biggest problems with the method adopted at that time. Besides, tracking the time required for ticket resolution and aggregating information from different forms was difficult, and a full customer history could not be attained. All of this made management difficult, as frequent problems and process bottlenecks could not be identified. 

With the above problem on hands, the company started its search for a solution.  


One of the main requirements for the new tool was that the sales reps could access it anywhere, using any device. "As they work in person with our customers, we needed a system that could be used on smartphones and allowed them to open a ticket right in the middle of a negotiation and get the responses they needed then and there”, tells Tania, mentioning that Movidesk’s SaaS model was perfect for the task.

Another necessary feature was the ability to transfer tickets from one team to another, so that if a sales rep asked something to the wrong team, this team could transfer the ticket, instead of asking the sales rep to open a new one.   

After 15 years working at Mercado Livre, Tania says that Movidesk promoted a real revolution in her department. "It now allows us to prioritize activities and centralize all information in an organized manner. It also provides us with a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface”. She notes that from the first day using Movidesk, agents had no trouble adapting to the tool.  


Once we adopted the new tool, so did all of the sales reps. Today, 100% of all demands come through Movidesk. In addition, Movidesk also improved aspects such as: 

  • Ability to reassign responsibility for a ticket.
  • Tracking tickets by team, helping identify bottlenecks and process flaws in each area.
  • Visualization of the entire lifecycle of a ticket, including monitoring workflows through Kanban charts.
  • Organization of ticket workflows.
  • Centralization of all information in a single system.
  • Tracking the resolution time of each ticket. 
  • Chat utilization within our department.
  • Use of the tool on both computers and smartphones. 

However, of all the changes, the biggest one lies in time management of agents themselves. Tania explains that the use of the new system allowed her to reorganize and optimize support time by least 80%.  

"Movidesk overhauled our department. It improved processes for our agents and provided a much easier visualization of ticketing for our managers. It was a turning point from what our customer support was and what it is now, helping us offer an excellent service to our sales reps,” completes Tania.

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