Best prices. Simplest pricing model.
Total transparency

First, we set the prices right. Then we designed the simplest, most honest pricing model we could think of. No confusion. No tricky packaging. Just help for your day-to-day.




  • Top-tier product for the most attractive price in the market.
  • Live phone support included in all prices.
  • All inclusive (see comparison chart). Even for small companies.
  • No tricky packaging.
  • No tricky upgrades and downgrades.
  • No lock-ins.
  • No expensive monthly fees to push you to yearly plans.
  • No playing with “seats”, “agents” and other confusing variables.
  • No upfront payments.
  • No hidden fees.
  • No planning and guessing for your next month.
  • No waste for using less than what you paid for.
  • No marketplaces to charge you for every additional feature you want (you get everything you need right now!).
  • No expensive partners for help with onboarding.
  • Extra help? Task forces? Turnover? No problem. You pay only for the days you use, at regular pro-rated fees.
  • No discounted prices that get back to normal after a few months.
  • Optional help for onboarding. Pay only if you need it.
  • Automatically add or reduce agents. No extra charges. No lock-in periods.

30 days to try and decide.
No credit card required

Start using Movidesk right now with no payment information. After 30 days you can decide to pay and continue using it or just let your account expire without any charges.

No tricky decisions. No complicated plans.
Take everything. You need most of it!

Team size:FROM 1 TO 5 AGENTS


package for up to
5 agents / month

Billed monthly for past months, based on actual number of agents

Team size:FROM 6 TO 10 AGENTS


per agent / month

Billed monthly for past months, based on actual number of agents

Team size:FROM 11 TO 25 AGENTS


per agent / month

Billed monthly for past months, based on actual number of agents

Team size:26 OR MORE AGENTS


per agent / month

Billed monthly for past months, based on actual number of agents

*All prices are in US dollars

Optional onboarding services

How about an extra hand to get you up and running? Our onboarding team is here to help you explore all that our tool has to offer. We will guide you through the implementation and integration processes to expedite your success.

Our convenient flat fee is
$ 490 Free if you subscribe by April 30, 2021
No worries! Once you created your account, you can order our Onboarding any time, for the same price – so you can still use it later if you feel you need to. Just contact our support team. (And don’t forget to check Easy Onboarding!)
  • Live remote training
  • Configuration and integration guidance

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FAQs – Trial, pricing, billing and cancellation

Here is what we are frequently asked about, but further details
can be found in our Terms of services

Different prices are applied to smaller organizations. This is our way to provide a little help to small companies! However, no matter the size of your team, you will get all the great features of Movidesk, plus live support and a sandbox.
No. You don’t need to provide any payment information to create your new account and start using Movidesk. Your information will be required after 30 days, should you decide to continue using it.

You can subscribe and start testing or using Movidesk any time, without providing a credit card or any payment information. Thirty days after you create your new account you will be asked if you wish to continue using Movidesk. If you respond NO, we will terminate your account and you will not be charged for the use of Movidesk. If you respond YES, you will be asked for payment information and be billed for the agents you used in the completed 30-day period, which starts the monthly billing cycle.

When you subscribe, we will provide you with a production environment and you can ask for a sandbox should you need one. You can perform tests on your sandbox, which will generate no charges whatsoever, and use your production environment for clean data and configurations.

For simplicity and transparency, you will always be billed monthly, based on the actual number of agents used in the previous 30-day period. There are no yearly plans, lock-in plans or upfront payments. No planning hassles and no wasted payments. You really pay as you go and really only pay for what you used each month. Period!
Your bill will include pro-rated charges for agents who used Movidesk for less than a full month. This will allow you to seamlessly handle turnover, task forces and all other temporary needs for new agents. Pro-rated charges will be based on regular monthly fees. There are no daily passes and no extra fees to deal with – no more planning and guesswork!
Your monthly prices will be automatically adjusted every time your team size moves from one range to another (1-5, 6-10, 11-25 or 26+ agents). Except for your first month of subscription, agents who worked for less than a full month will not be counted when calculating team size and pricing; pro-rated prices for them will be based on the same rate as your standing team.
Team sizes are calculated based on the number of agents that are active in the system throughout your subscription months. Agents that were registered and active for less than 28 days in a given month will be charged on a pro-rated basis but will not be counted and will not impact your “team size” for pricing purposes.
An agent may be a system administrator and vice-versa. Both are considered “agents” in Movidesk.
A credit card will be required for all monthly payments, except if you are in the USA. US-based companies are given the option to pay through ACH.
Payments are made through one of the most reliable payment-processing companies in the United States and Movidesk does not keep our customer’s payment information on file.
Phone, chat, and email support by a US-based team of specialists is included in all prices.
We assign a customer success agent to every customer free of charge. Our customer success team conducts periodic conversations with our customers to understand their particular needs and help them in the best possible way. They also perform more detailed customer satisfaction surveys to determine how our support and our product are doing at each organization. Finally, they make sure that our customers receive timely updates about Movidesk, information and supporting materials that will help them continue to improve the way they support their customers. This additional help is provided at no additional cost for all team sizes because we believe both Movidesk and our customers are in the business of providing great support for the long haul!
Our prices do not include any taxes or duties. You are responsible for paying any taxes levied against your company by government authorities. We will add to your invoice specified values related to VAT or any other taxes our tax services providers deem to be an obligation of ours and, should you find the applied taxes conflict with your understanding of the applicable regulations, we kindly ask you to contact us for the required adjustments.
No. The only values to be paid are the ones shown above, besides taxes when applicable. There are no additional charges for volumes of transactions, tickets, storage, customizations, use of APIs, or the use of any similar feature or resource.
Yes, a sandbox for your tests and simulations is included in the price. You will not be charged for any agent created in the sandbox environment, however you cannot use this environment for production purposes, as tickets in this environment are subject to a periodic cleanup (you will not lose your master files and configurations). Sandboxes are not created automatically—we ask you to contact our support team and we will promptly make one available to your company.
You will not need “light agents.” Movidesk allows you to get help from anybody inside or outside your organization when working on a ticket. Share ticket information and seamlessly import replies through regular emails as public or internal ticket notes when appropriate. Have everyone onboard at no extra cost!
Yes. You will not need to purchase an additional module or product for chat. Movidesk’s integrated features will provide you with everything you need for integrated, managed chats to facilitate your support activities.
Prices may increase or decrease from time to time as reasonable adjustments to new market conditions may be required. We will be conscious, however, that many of Movidesk’s users chose our product for its budget-friendliness and will make sure that its price will remain highly attractive no matter how the market evolves in the future.
Onboarding services are optional and are not included in the product price. They will be provided by our onboarding specialists, at a flat fee. These services are not limited to new customers; you can request them at any time, and for the same price. Most customers find the onboarding and product documentation enough to help them get up and running with the best that Movidesk has to offer (check Easy Onboarding), but onboarding services may be helpful to those pressed for time or who want to benefit from additional market expertise.
If you have more than one “team” or “office”, each of them may have their own subscription. Multiple subscriptions will result in smaller teams and that may benefit your company regarding prices. Also, even with separate subscriptions, you will benefit from Movidesk’s great ability to seamlessly integrate data from a second Movidesk instance, which gives your teams amazing opportunities to collaborate while still managing each team’s performance.
If you have over 100 agents and special needs, please contact us to discuss how we can best address them.
If you have over 100 agents, please contact us to discuss the particularities of your organization and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
Movidesk has built its reputation on its top-tier product and fantastic customer support. We address questions immediately through phone, chat or email, and if something goes wrong with our system, we get our best engineers on it right away and don’t stop working until it is fixed. Our SLAs were discontinued because customers no longer saw the need for them (they realized that, in the end, it’s the commitment to keep customers informed and up and running that makes us promptly address their issues, not contracts or customer size!). Moreover, every customer is assigned to a customer success agent, who will proactively address any issue or difficulties they may identify.

You can terminate your subscription any time by contacting our support team and we will process your request immediately. You can also deactivate agents from your account any time and you will no longer be charged for their use of the Services. You will be able to reactivate your account for up to 30 days; after that, your account will be deleted.

When you cancel your subscription, you will be charged only for the agents and days you used within your last 30-day period. There are no penalties or deactivation fees.

If you decide to stop using Movidesk, you can export your data through the product features and APIs, or contact our support team and we will export all your data and send you a link for you to download your files.

Our tool provides you with several means to access your data, from easy-to-use export-to-Excel features to APIs with full data access. Yet, should you need any help, you can contact our support team, and we will help you get what you need.

As per the safety of your data, we take the most respected, enterprise-class measures to ensure it is protected – from software architecture and system audits to encryption and backups. We also benefit from best-in-class, certified AWS datacenters located in the USA.

Finally, our Security Team is on call 24/7 to respond to any security alert or unexpected event.

There are no extra costs for any of the above.

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