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Communicate with your customers seamlessly through the customer portal, web forms, email, chat, phone, and WhatsApp.

Have tickets automatically generated from messages and control everything from within Movidesk.

Make Movidesk's native chat tool and custom web forms available anywhere.


Define and apply multiple tags for ease of visualization, filtering, and organization of tickets.

Allow the right users to create tags on the fly to reduce delays and overhead.


Use automation rules, triggers, macros, and canned answers. Expedite processing times, improve services quality, and reduce costs

Configurable forms

Configure multiple web forms. Use them anywhere, including in your web sites, knowledge base, and customer portals.

Use customizable and conditional fields to simplify the collection of information at its sources and reduce response times.

Ticket views

Customize ticket views to adapt workflows and visualization for maximum productivity and improved customer services.

Auto-suggested solutions

Automatically provide customers with suggested solutions at ticket-opening time using chat and forms or online in the system.


Have an agent access multiple system screens and multiple tickets at the same time to facilitate and expedite workflows and ongoing consultations.


Automate ticket distribution at a team level using Movidesk's round-robin and load balancing features.

Ticket relationships

Create multiple parent-child ticket relationships. Link tickets at will. Simplify visualization and automate updating, processing and closing related tickets.


Visualize tickets and organize workflows at individual or team levels using configurable kanban views.

Recurring tickets

Automate ticketing for routine tasks. Define ticket structures and set up automatic, scheduled generation of tickets. Save time, organize workflows, and never miss a routine task again.

Non-agent users

Collaborate with non-agent users (developers, consultants, product personnel, etc.) seamlessly through automated outbound/inbound emails, sharing both public and internal ticket information and saving time. All without the need for light agents and at no extra cost.

Sites integration

Different support teams and the need for shared information? Use Movidesk's easy data sharing to replicate or visualize tickets between system instances. Integrate different offices, distributors, partners and much more.

Internal tickets

Manage internal tasks by creating tickets that are not visible to customers.

Set different access permissions, set up specific workflows, and establish ticket dependencies.

Internal chat

Rapidly communicate with other agents within Movidesk. Share information and gather input to collaborate on ticket resolution or simply expedite routine communication.

Automatically add ticket specific conversations as internal notes to tickets. No more need to copy-paste or hunt through chat logs.

Internal messages

Simplify asynchronous communication between agents from within Movidesk. Let agents easily manage messages and relate them to tickets or internal tasks.


Use Movidesk's digital pinboard for group communication. Select target agents or customers and set publishing dates. Share messages through email automatically.

Stop struggling with customer emailing lists!

Services catalog

Create your own services catalog to use with the popular ITIL practices.

Easily create a multi-level catalog of software products or components that you support. Relate tickets to your catalog items and sub-items to enjoy improved analytics and reporting.

Assets catalog

Create your assets catalog. Associate assets to tickets, agents or events and manage asset statuses.

Automate recurring tickets related to assets and design specific workflows for asset management.

Product ideias

Easily add conditional fields to forms and tickets in order to gather ideas and product enhancement requests from customers.

Create workflows to pull in product management or any other required department to expedite product analyses and responses to customers.

Account management

Manage accounts and contacts. Assign dedicated owners to an account or customer contact. Create custom, searchable fields and use external customer IDs when needed.

Merge customer contacts and accounts when managing customers or directly from within a ticket when necessary.

Satisfaction surveys

Use NPS and several other approaches to measure customer satisfaction. Apply standard survey models or customize a survey to make it your own.

Evaluate multi-level performance and receive automated notifications according to your own criteria for negative responses.


Closely manage SLAs. Enjoy the flexibility of Movidesk's market leading SLA configuration options to design multiple group-based or customer-specific agreements.

Benefit from SLA-oriented dashboards, reports, and automation options.


Create multiple workflows to address your specific needs. Have tasks forwarded between agents or teams, sequencing and automating actions according to configured rules and procedures.

Use Movidesk's APIs to go even further and integrate external systems into your workflows.

Approval workflows

Configure approval workflows to ensure that specific tasks or tickets are processed only when authorized by the right people.

Set up dynamic approval rules and super approvers to prevent outages or unexpected events from causing unnecessary delays in the approval process.

Rules & triggers

Define your own rules, set up triggers, and let Movidesk work for you! Execute tasks, send notifications, change ticket statuses, and so much more based on pre-defined rules and scenarios.

Customizable macros

Automate limitless tasks and save time and effort.

Develop templates to simplify answers and expedite frequent questions and interactions with customers.

Automated assigment

Automatically assign tickets, address overflows, and transfer tickets between teams.

Portals personalization

Personalize your customer portal and your knowledge base. Use your company's visual standards (logo, color, fonts, icons, etc.).

Explore the flexibility of HTML if and when required.

Customizable forms

Explore the flexibility of multiple, customizable ticket forms. Place them on your website, customer portals, and anywhere they may be useful.

Custom fields

Use the flexibility of customizable and conditional fields in forms/tickets, and when managing customers and agents.

Use configured fields in automation rules and triggers.

Email configurations

Use unlimited email addresses, create templates, execute bulk actions, and save time with the full integration of emails within Movidesk.

Customizable ticket views

Create personalized ticket views to address the particular needs of your customers and each department in your company.

Manage what each team or agent can or cannot access by using configurable permissions.

Dashboard and reports

Track your operation's performance in real time and leverage more than 75 pre-configured KPIs and operational metrics.

Use team panels with automatic updates and visualize key information in any device.

Customer satisfaction survey

Measure how satisfied your customers are with Movidesk's standard survey questions or design your own.

Compare agents' performance and be notified of any negative survey responses for immediate action in critical cases.

Calendar & business hours

Enjoy the flexibility of multiple calendars and business hours for phone support, live chat, and time and expenses tracking.

Timezone management

Work seamlessly through different time zones addressing business hours, ticket time management, SLAs and communication controls.

Integrated calendar

Use individual and team calendars inside Movidesk. Easily manage team and company events.

Time tracking

Log tasks and control the time required to service each ticket.

Manage how your team is spending its time and use reports to collect customers' approvals.

Expenses tracking

Define your own units of measure and assign rates to each of them.

Track servicing expenses through service reports and easily manage any extraordinary expenses.

Contracted hours control

Simplify management of time & material services. Control worked hours by ticket and related expenses.

Control block hours consumption and available time.

Non-agent users

Easily reach out to non-agent personnel for fast collaboration. Share ticket information and receive input on tickets without registering non-agent users. No need for light agents.

Roles and permissions

Create unlimited profiles and roles to best represent your organization. Establish permissions related to information access, actions, reporting, etc. for agents, customers and system administrators. Leverage roles and permissions when setting up your automation rules.

Easily configure your center for shared services.

Audio and chat monitoring

Monitor phone and chat conversations in real time. Have ready access to all of their logs.

Configurable organization

Configure roles, hierarchies and escalation rules.

Responsive user interface

Access and work with Movidesk on multiple devices.

Mobile APP

Access all of Movidesk’s critical features right on your smartphone.

Configurable portal

Configure the structure and content of your knowledge base. Publish manuals, videos and FAQs to your customers and reduce costs through self-service support.

Allow agents to draft articles and solutions and increase your teams' engagement.

View permissions

Define who can and who cannot access specific resources. Easily create, mix and match contents for internal use only or general access.

Theme customization

Customize the structure, look and feel of your knowledge base. Integrate it with your websites and customer portals. Address specific needs by directly leveraging HTML for endless possibilities.

Auto-suggested solutions

Address many of your customers' needs through auto-suggested solutions in the customer portal, chat tool, and even in your customized forms displayed wherever you may have them.

Bot tools integration

Use Movidesk's standard APIs to easily integrate third-party bots to your workflows.

Data import & migration

Use simple spreadsheets to import agent lists and tickets, including customized fields. Have the system take care of incomplete import data by automatically generating identifiers when necessary.

Use the same import tools to easily migrate master files and tickets from other support tools into Movidesk.

Open APIs

Integrate CRM, ERP, sales, software development, and any other external systems with the easy-to-use Movidesk's open APIs.

Telephony integration

Easily integrate your existing telephony system or any solution of choice. Seamlessly automate your phone support workflow.

Make, receive and return calls from Movidesk without the need to switch screens to your phone system.


Leverage our standard integration with WhatsApp using a Twilio phone number or integrate Movidesk to other social or communication platforms using Movidesk's standard APIs.

Jira & Redmine

Use Movidesk's standard integration to Jira and Redmine or integrate Movidesk to other tools your software development group uses through our standard APIs.

Office 365

Use Movidesk's standard integration with Office 365 and enjoy seamless authentication.

Identity & access management

Easily configure customer and agent IDs, passwords, emails, and more. Reduce overhead by allowing self-service password recovery when not using Active Directory.

Active directory

Easily configure authentication through one or more active directories.

IP white & black lists

Limit access to whitelisted IPs and create blacklists based on email addresses, domains, and content.

Anti-spam filters

Create anti-spam filters in Movidesk.


Use, at no extra cost, Movideks's testing environment. Safely study, test and simulate configurations, automations, and integrations before using them in your production environment.

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